Godzilla Unleashed Online

Game Info.

Welcome to the Game Info. section. In here there's basic information about the game. Enjoy.

 Factions: Earth Defenders (ED), Global Defense Force (GDF), Mutants, Aliens.

 Characters(so far): Godzilla (1990s), Biollante, Mecha Godzilla 2, Hedorah, Air Force Jet Plane, Military Tank.

Important info when you start the game: When you select your faction make sure you go to the appropriate faction with the one you selected or you will get in trouble (if you accidentally went to the wrong one we will warp you back to the Faction Selection map or warp you to the map the appropriate faction leads to). Example: When you choose the Earth Defenders faction on the Character selection screen you go to the ED in white on the Faction Selection map.